Designing World Destinations

Seven-Color Dreamland Resort

This new model Chinese city for approximately 70,000 people includes a University, Technology Center, Amusement Park, Ski Resort, Golf Resort, Agricultural Lands, and a new village for workers. Surrounding an existing reservoir, the project seeks to preserve and enhance the existing agricultural lands while setting the stage for economic growth and long term sustainability. The project is centered around the proposed Seven Color Dreamland Resort that seeks to become the recreation capital for Shenyang and the surrounding areas. The resort will include a theme park, championship golf course, ski resort, executive golf course, a lakeside hotel, and supporting retail and recreation amenities. Connected via a proposed monorail system, the Resort will support the creation of several new economic and social improvements for the area. Foremost among these is the new model Village based on traditional development principles with updated inspirations from New Urban design. The village with house workers, farmers and families and includes orchards and common gardens interspersed through out the village. Phase II of the project calls for the design of a large University and Technology Center with supporting residential and commercial development. Throughout the project, sustainable practices are utilized to help make this a sustainable vision and model for future development in China.